Dianne Steinke

This week’s #MondayMotivation demonstrates the impact of volunteering.

Volunteers are always greatly appreciated, but last week’s National Volunteer Week is a great way to remind us to give an extra thanks to those who go above and beyond in our community.

Dianne Steinke is the acting President (and a Past President) of the Guelph General Hospital Volunteer Association. She has been a volunteer at the Hospital for 17 years and continues to be a mentor and motivation to her peers.

Dianne’s role is purchasing for the Hospital’s gift shop.

Dianne says, “Being able to purchase items that people will buy means we make money for the hospital, and through that donation we are able to buy any number of things to make patient care better at GGH.”

Throughout the past year, over 300 GGH volunteers have given more than 15,400 hours of their time to ensure the best possible patient and visitor experience in over 19 areas of the Hospital.

Through the volunteers’ fundraising activities, the Volunteer Association was able to donate $39,100 to update a patient/visitor lounge, upgrade a fracture table, and purchase a new Capnography machine.

Other highlights of the year include:

  • A revitalized On Call Volunteer Spiritual Care Provider schedule;
  • ED volunteers handing out patient surveys and providing patients with the opportunity for real time feedback in the ED;
  • A very successful ‘Wheelbarrow of Wine’ raffle;
  • Creation of five new programs including a main lobby greeter to assist visitors and patients as they enter the hospital, and a baby cuddler.

Dianne notes that all volunteers strive to make the hospital experience a little easier for the patients and visitors, by giving them the tools, resources and comfort they need.

“The reason I became a volunteer was because I started out as a patient when I was battling ovarian cancer. I received such good patient care that I decided when I get better, and get well, I’m coming back as a volunteer; and that’s what I did,” says Dianne.

The volunteers were recognized and thanked for their tremendous dedication and passion at the annual volunteer luncheon. A highlight was when Judy Steele was awarded the “Mary Hales Volunteer of the Year” award for her tremendous passion, commitment and contributions to GGH. And another highlight was when Ruth Thatcher was honoured for 50 years of volunteer service!

Dianne sums it up… “There is something that Muhammad Ali said that really resonates with me ‘Service to others is the rent we pay here for our place on earth.’ It couldn’t be truer.”

At GGH and the Foundation, we rely on the support of our amazing volunteers and truly could not do what we do without them. Thanks to them, and to all volunteers who make our community and our world a better place.