Pauline Aquilina

This week’s #MondayMotivation demonstrates flexibility.

Pauline Aquilina is part of the Social Work team. She provides support to  the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Step down Unit, and Emergency Department.

Social Work at the Hospital is an all-encompassing role that requires a lot of flexibility. Some of the care offered to patients and families includes moral support, resources and counselling. The team provides stepping stones for patients and families so they are informed and aware of the support available to them in the Hospital and the community.

“We offer broad support that enriches the patient’s and family’s time at the Hospital,” says Pauline.

Pauline started working at GGH while completing her masters degree, and has worked at the Hospital ever since. According to her, no two days on the job have been the same.

Pauline states, “We couldn’t do our jobs without the help of our Hospital community. Every staff member, from Housekeeping and Dietary, to nurses and doctors, plays a vital part in patient care.”

She said that even through the stressful and difficult times, the Social Work team is always there to debrief and support each other..

Social workers offer support to patients and  families during stressful times, and have to flexible when it comes to responding to  varied situations. Pauline and her team demonstrate this flexibility daily, and continue to strive to improve their service.

One improvement comes from her work with the ICU team, which has been working on a simple new program that can have an incredible impact on our patients. Watch here for more information later this Spring!