Jackie Sanvido

Today’s #MondayMotivator shows how an idea can change a patient’s life.

Jackie Sanvido is a Registered Nurse in our Special Care Nursery (SCN). Throughout her 23 years in nursing, Jackie has remained committed to providing exceptional care to each baby who enters the SCN.

Jackie spends her days attending to sick babies, and her spare time thinking about how she can continue to make a difference in patient care. She created a program called Paediatric Grand Rounds – education seminars that give the opportunity for nurses, doctors and other staff to learn about topics that are essential to providing the best quality of care for newborns and their parents.

“Education is power. The more education you have, the more knowledge you can give, which ultimately results in better care for our babes,” says Jackie.

Not only does Jackie organize the seminars, she fundraises to help make them possible. As an example, she’s organized two afternoons of wooden sign making in February. The two dates include, February 22, and February 27.

Jackie said that she is so passionate about her job because there is a level of intimacy shared between the team, babies and parents. The SCN team helps to build relationships between the parents and babies, and witnesses firsthand the progression of wellness in the little ones. One of the best parts of the job? When a family comes back with their baby (or babies!), and staff add a photo to the SCN bulletin board, knowing they have made a difference.

Jackie has been described as “an RN who is passionate about providing exceptional care and support for her premature and sick babies. She is an advocate for the parents and their ability to care for their developing baby. And, by bringing in experts from many tertiary centers so we can grow and share from their expertise, she is a true champion of providing quality care and experience for families.”

Jackie exemplifies how the team at GGH is committed to providing the safest and highest quality of care.