Chuck Bull

Today’s #MondayMotivation demonstrates the commitment of Hospital volunteers.

Chuck Bull is a well-known member of the Guelph General Hospital community. He has been a volunteer greeter in the Emergency Department (ED) for 14 years.

The greeter is often the first person you see when you come to our ED. And, whether you are the patient or you’re with a loved one who needs care, it can be a scary or anxious time. Whatever the situation, the greeters are there to help.

When asked about his experience, Chuck says, “It’s a whole round of patient care. The visitor comes in and you’re the one who gives them comfort and information. You get to help them in any way you can.”

The ED is one of the busiest areas in the Hospital with an average of almost 175 visits a day. Chuck and the other volunteers help ensure that everyone who enters the ED has as positive an experience as possible.

Chuck loves everything about his role, including the opportunity to train other volunteers.

“I get to motivate a lot of new young people volunteering at the Hospital who want to get into medicine, but don’t know if they want to be a doctor. Young 20 year olds who volunteer on weekends are looking for what to do with their future. I get to be part of that,” says Chuck.

Chuck noticed a pattern in some of the patients coming to ED, those patients who are in distress, but want to remain calm and wait their turn as the ‘Silent Canadian.’ By recognizing signs and symptoms of common serious illnesses like stroke, volunteers can approach them and ensure they are seen immediately.

“Volunteers have to have a good rapport with the doctors and nurses, especially triage nurses. It’s a matter of being accepted. They know what I can do, and I know what they can do, so we work very well together. When you need help, you call out and they’re there right away!” explains Chuck.

Chuck is a father of three wonderful children and many grandchildren. The people he works with at the Hospital are like a second family to him and he looks forward to seeing his Hospital family every week.

Chuck is just one of more than 250 dedicated Hospital volunteers. Each and every one of them is a critical part of our health care team – we couldn’t do it without them!