Guelph General’s Housekeeping

Today’s #MondayMotivation celebrates keeping staff and patients safe by keeping germs out at GGH.

The Housekeeping team on 5W goes above and beyond by ensuring this busy surgical unit is a clean and safe environment for everyone coming to the Hospital.

Their meticulous cleaning ensures that the spread of infection and germs are kept to a minimum. In 2017 the spread of infection was at an all-time low, and while there were many Hospital initiatives contributing to this, the fantastic work of the Housekeeping team played a big part.

“I ensure a clean and safe environment while trying to stop germs from spreading.” said Leona.

Stephanie and Leona are two members of the Housekeeping staff that work primarily on 5W and work diligently to clean patient rooms, equipment and common areas on the unit. They have been part of the caring Hospital community for a combined 17 years.

Leona mentions, “I’m proud to know that I’m helping other people”.

They said that they love hearing the compliments from visitors mentioning that GGH is the cleanest hospital they’ve been to. Even through all the hard work, the team still enjoys a fun and upbeat environment that feels like family.

“I like coming to work every day because it feels like family. Doctors, nurses and all the staff make it a safe and friendly environment,” continued Stephanie.

Guelph General Hospital would not be able to provide the same quality of care if it wasn’t for the caring attitude of these two individuals and all the other Housekeeping staff.