Donna Hendry

This week’s #MondayMotivation inspires commitment and passion

Donna Hendry was nominated for her continued commitment to being an amazing Resource Nurse who has patient experience as her top priority. She is always organized, helpful and caring. Donna has been a Registered Nurse for 40 years. She started her career at Sick Kids Hospital. She then transitioned back to the Guelph area where she spent 23 years at St. Josephs Hospital before the shift to Guelph General in 2001 when redevelopment was complete.

Since 2001, Donna has worked on 5West, assisting patients, families and nurses to provide the best quality of care. Donna oversees the coordination of a very busy 38 bed unit.

Donna expresses, “I’m proud of my coworkers and I’ve got a great bunch that work here. I’m proud to work with them because they are truly committed to patient care.”

In the role of Resource Nurse, Donna helps ensure patients have the best experience and quality of care. She provides all sorts of support to patients, families and her fellow nurses.

 “The moments I love the most are seeing patients who have had a difficult recovery in hospital become well enough to be discharged home due to the exceptional teamwork provided.”

When seeing Donna’s interactions and relationships with her team on 5W, it is clear she truly makes a difference.