Supporters of Guelph General Hospital Honoured at a Special Donor Wall Celebration

Saving lives and improving health, together with our community – this statement now shines overhead the Foundation’s updated donor wall. Underneath, 968 names are proudly displayed. They are the Hospital’s most supportive donors, those whose cumulative giving falls between $5,000 to over $1 million.

Each year the Foundation takes great care to update the wall. New names are added and many names move up the giving levels. This year 63 new names were added to the donor wall and the “Visionary” giving level of $1 million+ was created. The wall now represents close to $50 million of generous gifts over the 30 years of the Foundation’s fundraising history.

Over the years, donors have funded thousands of essential pieces of patient care equipment. Our Hospital’s MRI scanner, vital signs monitors, IV Pumps, defibrillators, surgical equipment, and even hospital beds, plus hundreds of other tools have been funded through caring gifts from our community. In fact, one in every two dollars spent on Hospital equipment comes from a donor.

Every year in November, the month of Philanthropy Day, the Foundation hosts a celebration for all those whose name and generosity are represented on the donor wall. “It’s an honour to gather with this very special group every year to celebrate their contribution to patient care in our community” said Suzanne Bone, the Foundation’s CEO.

“These kind individuals, along with all those who have ever made a donation, are bound to us by our purpose of saving lives and improving health, together with our community.”