Monday Motivator – Gratitude Over the Holidays

This week’s #MondayMotivation inspires gratitude.

This year we are so grateful for each member of our community who helped in the contribution of over six thousand donations.

Our community came together and gave in so many meaningful ways – through financial gifts, sponsorships, in-kind donations of product and service, participation in our fundraising events, and through volunteerism.

Gifts big and small make a tremendous difference and at the end of the day, it’s when all the gifts are pooled together that we see the most impact on the hospital.

Over the month of December, Guelph General Hospital was honoured to accept so many donations from the community. With your help, we were able to hand out hundreds of toys to children as they came to the hospital over the holidays.

We truly are so fortunate to live in such a generous community. Each one of the thousands of donations helps to fund every piece of patient care equipment at Guelph General Hospital.

As we look back on another amazing year, we are reminded just how much Guelph General Hospital has to be grateful for as we continue to save lives and improve health, together with our community.