CT Scanner

You can bring new CT technology to our Hospital

A CT scan provides detailed images of organs, soft tissue, bone and blood vessels, as opposed to a regular x-ray, making it one of the most versatile diagnostic tools our Hospital has.

The CT scanner at our hospital is 12 years old. It has been extremely well used! In fact, over 250,000 scans have been performed at GGH in the past 12 years.

But as with all technology, it doesn’t last forever. Just think of how often we upgrade our cell phones! As it gets older, the scanner breaks down and needs repairs more frequently. This can impact patient outcomes dramatically.

Today’s CT scanners create images with greater detail, accuracy and higher quality, making it easier for physicians to diagnose and monitor their patients.

Time per scan will be reduced from five minutes to less than one minute. A shorter examination time is critical for some patients who have difficulty holding their breath or remaining still during the test. Shorter scan times also means that more scans can be scheduled each day.

And finally, the new CT scanner will also reduce the radiation dose with new technology.

Yes, I want patients at GGH to benefit from today’s diagnostic technology

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