The GGH “Family”

Today’s #MondayMotivation demonstrates the huge impact that can be made when many are mobilized to help during a time of need.

In a matter of days, Guelph General Hospital staff pulled together and fundraised over $9,000 to help a co-worker through a devastating family health crisis.

The fundraiser initiatives were coordinated by Sandra Santos and Alexandra Wolf, nurses in Hospital’s Family Birthing Unit, but they give credit to everyone who was involved.

Quite easily 100+ hours were volunteered. Some staff would come in early to help out for a couple of hours before their shift, or stay a few hours after a shift to help out. Others came in on their day off.

In addition to all the staff that helped coordinate the fundraiser, 100s of others contributed by giving donations, buying tickets or purchasing the homemade goods that staff brought in. “Hospital staff were so happy to readily support a colleague in need” said Alix.

“At GGH you feel like your place of work is like an extension of your family” said Sandra. “So really, we were just doing what we’d do if one of our family members were in a crisis.”

You can’t put a price tag on the difference that so many coming together to help has made. Not only has the financial burden been lessened so the family can focus on what matters most to get through their very difficult time, but they also feel the support from their GGH family.