Donors put vital tools in the hands of Guelph General’s surgeons.

Patient wait times for surgery are improved and patient safety during surgery is strengthened because you responded generously.

Last holiday season kind and caring community members generously responded to our holiday campaign, raising over $140,000 to help Guelph General Hospital purchase new surgical equipment.

Five new Orthopedic Drills and a new Nerve Integrity Monitor (NIM) were purchased and have been helping our Hospital’s surgeons provide better patient care for months now.

The new drills replaced the Hospital’s well used and worn out drills, and increased the supply. Before the new drills arrived, drill supply had been a limiting factor in scheduling surgeries, plus they frequently needed to be sent out for repair or maintenance.

“Because we have more drills that are new and reliable we can now do more surgeries each day. This shortens the length of time a patient needs to wait before having their surgery” explained Dr. Steve Hoey.

Dr. Hoey also likes the new drills because they are lighter and easier to hold onto and this allows him to have greater precision during surgical procedures.

The new Nerve Integrity Monitor (NIM) also helped replace a worn out predecessor. It helps keep patients safe during head and neck surgeries. If a surgeon gets too close to a nerve, an alarm will sound to inform the surgeon.

Dr. Denny Lin said that the new NIM is easier to use, plus more cost effective. There are some disposables that must be thrown away after each surgery and the new parts are much more cost effective than those used with the older NIM.

Dr. Hoey and Dr. Lin expressed their sincere gratitude for all the helpful donations.

“I would like to thank our donors’ generosity in helping us provide excellent care to patients who require orthopedic services at GGH” said Dr. Hoey.

Dr. Lin added “I also want our donors to know how much we appreciate them. I want to thank them for providing us the opportunity to keep up with technology and provide quality and safe care in head and neck surgery.”

Our healthcare team depends on your generosity to provide the best care possible. You put the tools they need into their hands. You directly and positively impact the quality of care patients receive at Guelph General Hospital.