Robyn Patrick

Today’s #MondayMotivation shows us that we can do a lot with a little when we are resourceful.

Robyn Patrick started with the Foundation a little over a year ago as a Summer Student, Office & Marketing Assistant. She was such a big resource to our office that we asked her to stay on part-time during the school year.

Robyn is now finishing her four-year Marketing Degree at the University of Guelph and will be moving on soon. She says her biggest take-away from working with the Foundation will be how to be resourceful.

“The Foundation does not have a limitless budget like many large corporations do and I appreciate having learned how to pull together a successful fundraising program with few financial resources.”

By recruiting the talent and energy of amazing volunteers, partnering with media and marketing groups for in-kind service, relying on the support of businesses for in-kind product donations, and by rolling up our sleeves and doing a lot of the hard work ourselves, we are able to keep our fundraising program costs as low as possible.

Throughout her entire time at the Foundation, Robyn rolled up her sleeves and jumped in to help with just about every task thrown her way. “My greatest impact has been helping everyone else in the office by taking on projects and tasks that keep the office’s fundraising initiatives moving forward.”

Robyn has also taught us a thing or two about being resourceful. For example, that YouTube is an excellent source of “How-to” videos. And, that you really don’t need a calculator anymore when you can just use your Smartphone. Oh how we will miss Robyn’s Millennial perspective around our office!