Cindy Good & Frankie Hammond

Today’s #MondayMotivation is a celebration of some of our most positive defining human characteristics.

Kindness, empathy, honour, humor, and courage are some of these characteristics as demonstrated by Oncology Nurses Cindy Good and Frankie Hammond and by the patients they care for at GGH.

Cindy and Frankie have close to 90 years nursing experience between them. They both started their nursing career at St. Joseph’s and transferred to Guelph General Hospital in 2001. Throughout their careers, they worked in many of the Hospital’s units, but both were drawn to Oncology.

“I’ve always wanted to work in Oncology, I love the work and love helping people. It’s an honour to be invited into a person’s life when they are most vulnerable and in need of care” said Cindy.

Administering cancer treatments only scratches the surface of the care they provide. Of greatest impact is simply being there to support the needs of their patients – whatever they might be. To listen, to talk, to give a hug, to hold a hand, and sometimes to tell a funny joke.

Frankie explained “they are going through this no matter what, so if I can do something to make it a bit easier, then I have done my job.”

When asked if it was a difficult nursing role, Cindy replied “It’s really not a sad place.” While there are sad moments, a great light is cast over them by the courage, positivity, and hope that their patients demonstrate.