Margaret Sherratt

Today’s #MondayMotivation inspires us to respect and support individual choice.

Margaret Sherratt, a nurse and specialized lactation consultant at GGH is proud of the Family Birthing Unit (FBU), Special Care Nursery (SCN) and Paediatric Unit teams and their commitment to support the feeding goals of every family who welcomes a new baby into the world at our Hospital.

Margaret has helped develop policies that support breast feeding and other safe feeding alternatives.

“The policies are important so that all FBU nurses are delivering consistent education and support to all families” said Margaret.

Education, problem solving, encouragement, and making linkages with community partners for continued support once outside the Hospital’s care are some of the things Margaret and FBU team offer to new families.

Margaret then added that “sometimes it’s just being there, and giving parents time to learn.”

New moms who choose breastfeeding are in very good hands at GGH. Margaret and four other nurses on the FBU team have achieved the designation of International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, and 83% of all FBU staff have taken some form of additional courses relating to breastfeeding.

It is often fear and not knowing rather than choice that impedes a mom’s decision to choose breastfeeding for their baby. Because GGH’s FBU nurses are able to offer such tremendous support, 73% of babies born at GGH are exclusively breastfed at time of discharge compared to 55% reported in other Ontario hospitals.

New moms who are unable to breastfeed or who choose not to are supported as well through education on safe feeding alternatives.

World Breastfeeding Week in Canada is celebrated from October 1st to October 7th and we are proud to celebrate the GGH teams that have contributed to breastfeeding initiatives at our Hospital and throughout our community.

In the photo above, Margaret stands in front of one of the FBU’s newest photo walls, images were captured by FBU nurse Joanne Thomson.