Becky Barrett

Today’s #MondayMotivation reminds us that a friendly gesture is often the best remedy.

Becky Barrett is an Occupational Therapy Assistant/Physiotherapist Assistant (O.T.A/P.T.A.). She carries out treatment plans that help patients at risk of declining physically while at the Hospital.

When working with her patients, Becky says that friendly gestures are one of her best strategies.

The patients who Becky works with most are older, with conditions such as dementia or low mood that can impact their willingness to participate in their therapy.

When these situations arise, Becky acts as any good friend would. She tries to understand what her patient is thinking and feeling, she listens to what they say and offers comfort.

“If I learn that my patient likes music, I will try to find a radio to bring into their room, or if they like to read, I will bring them a newspaper” Becky explained.

Once Becky has earned their friendship, she is able to work with them through their exercises with greater ease and comfort for the patient.

Becky first joined Guelph General Hospital as part of a student placement and eleven years later, she still loves what she does. She enjoys the team aspect, working as part of a team of ten O.T.A./ P.T.A.s plus the many other health care providers she helps to support. However, what she enjoys most is the patients she works with.

“I love hearing their stories and getting to know them.”

And it is rewarding to Becky to know that she is helping them get back home with greater independence.