Andrew Anderson

Today’s #MondayMotivation inspires us to place greater importance on the small things that make a difference to others.

This week’s Monday Motivator, Andrew Anderson, had plenty of opportunity to see the impact that even the smallest gestures can make while a member of The Foundation of Guelph General Hospital’s board between 2009 and 2016, including two years as Board Chair.

The decision to give his time to the Hospital was influenced by his personal experience. He and his family had to rely on the care of the Hospital on a number of occasions, and he felt that getting involved to support the Hospital was the best way for him to contribute in a way that would benefit the entire community.

Of all the fundraising initiatives that Andrew supported through his leadership on the Board, the one initiative that impressed upon him the most was the Special Grants Program.

The Foundation’s Special Grants Program allows staff and physicians from all areas of the Hospital to submit an application for funding assistance for items that will help meet the Hospital’s mission of providing the highest quality care and experience for patients and their families.  To be eligible, items must be less than $2,000. They are often small things that don’t make it onto the Hospital’s annual list of priority equipment needs.

In the past, items funded have included a temporal thermometer, a display holder for patient educational material, step stools, seating devices, and even puppets for counselling with paediatric patients. Small things to be sure, but when you understand the impact they have, their value becomes clear.

Today, take a moment to look around and notice the small things and the small gestures that happen every day around us and how they make our Hospital, and our community, such a wonderful place.