Sue MacNeil

Today’s #MondayMotivation reminds us about the importance of teamwork and partnerships.

Sue MacNeil, Guelph General Hospital’s Director of Food & Environmental Services provides quality food and a safe environment for our staff, patients and their families. She coordinates the work of six areas from housekeeping, portering and linens, to clinical nutrition, food services and our Hospital’s Bistro.

This is quite a big team – but together they do amazing things for our hospital and our community. Sue loves working through the challenges that she encounters every day with her team.

She explains, “In the 32 years that I have worked here, not one day has gone by where I don’t encounter a problem to work through”.

She finds the best way to find a solution is by seeking the input and perspective of her team members, and bringing them together with her own broad perspective. This keeps the wheels turning, and helps the Food and Environmental Services work on projects to make our Hospital more safe and efficient.

This group of staff are working on some incredible programs right now that are in line with LEAN operations. Environmental services are working towards reducing our waste by streamlining the waste collection process. They are also working to improve patient flow by increasing the efficiency of turnaround times for bed cleaning. Food Services are currently replacing their old equipment in the kitchens, which will improve the operations of the kitchen, as well as have a direct impact on the quality of food offered here at GGH.

Sue reflects, “With all of these initiatives, staff have incredibly busy days and we rely on a great team to get us through”.

Our Hospital is one that many other organizations look to as an example. With incredible inter-departmental relationships and partnerships, Sue often hears other organizations expressing how impressed they are with what we are able to accomplish. Sue takes pride in this and attributes it to the amazing staff we have here at Guelph General Hospital.