Fundraising Update: Monitor/ Defibrillator Units and Portable X-ray Machines

Funding patient care equipment for Guelph General Hospital depends on a community-wide commitment.

We are thankful that our community has demonstrated its generosity and commitment to exceptional patient care time and again.

And this year has been no exception as we witness the caring response of our community to help fund emergency and critical patient care equipment including new monitor/ defibrillator units for all of Guelph General’s Medical Units as well as two portable X-ray machines.

Community participation in events including this year’s Black Tie Bingo and Fore Our Hospital, and in response to our mailings and email appeals has been designated to these essential patient care tools.

A portion of the funds raised to date will soon have an impact at patient care at Guelph General. That is because the $84,500 raised through the Fund a Need auction lot at this year’s Black Tie Bingo was enough to cover the cost and expedite the purchase of the seven specialized monitor/ defibrillator units needed in the Hospital’s Emergency Department. They are expected to arrive near the end of August/ early September.

The Foundation is continuing to secure funds for the remaining defibrillator units and the two X-ray machines. Gifts of Gratitude, Monthly Giving, In Memory Gifts, In Celebration, and other gifts that were made without designation will also be allocated to this need until the full goal is reached. But it will most likely take a few significant gifts to help reach the goal sooner.

Because of advancements in technology, new defibrillator units and portable X-rays offer many new features that will allow Guelph General’s health care teams to better care for their most critically ill patients.

The sooner the fundraising goal is reached, the sooner the Hospital can purchase the remaining pieces of equipment, and as Dr. Lin said in his video “so the physicians at our hospital can do the very best possible job at saving lives”.