Rachelle Peacock

Today’s #MondayMotivation reminds us how a fresh perspective can have a huge impact.

Rachelle Peacock, Guelph General Hospital’s Food Service Supervisor, loves being part of a team that provides nourishment to patients which contributes to their well-being and helps them along their road to recovery.

Rachelle is a strong believer in the important role nutrition plays in a patient’s well-being.

“Food is medicine and medicine heals” she explains.

She seeks to do her part in making a patient’s journey to health a bit easier by constantly looking for new ways to improve the patient’s menu and in turn, the patient’s experience.

On a day-to-day basis, Rachelle oversees the Food Services Department. However, she has recently started an initiative at Guelph General Hospital called the Dinner Club. This project brings together a group of GGH’s leaders, and invites them to take part in a meal – one that is identical to the meals we serve our patients here at GGH.

Rachelle remarks, “When you look at your work from the perspective of a patient, you see things differently.”

Once a meal has been tasted, the participants are asked to review it. This process will be repeated for each of the seven dinners served at GGH, and has so far yielded fantastic results. From the feedback, Rachelle and her team have already made changes to the menu such as removing non value added items, adjusting portion sizes, implementing changes to placement of items on trays for patient ease, and even replacing entire foods. These changes have helped improve the quality of patient experience at GGH…and there’s more to come!

Rachelle is considering expanding the Dinner Club into a Lunch and Breakfast Club, ensuring that Guelph General Hospital has the best possible menu for our patients.

Rachelle loves how what she does every day plays a role in improving the patient experience and loves trying new things, like the Dinner Club, to expand her impact.