Tour de Guelph Volunteers

Today’s #MondayMotivation recognizes the critical role volunteers have in our community.

This past Sunday, Tour de Guelph reached a milestone, raising close to $100,000! These funds will be used to improve patient care at Guelph General Hospital and support many other local initiatives. This is an amazing feat that could not have been accomplished without the dedication of our volunteers, who put hundreds of hours in to make it happen.

Celia Clark, the Tour de Guelph Volunteer Coordinator with the Rotary Club of Guelph South, talked about the importance of volunteers in making our community what it is, and enabling the Foundation of Guelph General Hospital to improve the quality of patient care at GGH.

 “Volunteers are absolutely critical in the success of Tour de Guelph” exclaimed Celia.

Success is created in two parts – with each working towards the goal of creating a successful event, with few hiccups along the way. First, there are the hundreds of invaluable volunteer hours that are put in before an event to make it possible. Second, are the day-of volunteers who, with direction from coordinators, execute an incredible fun-filled day for our community. Without their support, events like Tour de Guelph would simply not have the impact that they do.

 “Coming together as strangers, working together as friends” is Celia’s favourite volunteering motto.

Motivation is a key when volunteering. And through her years as a community supporter, Celia has found that there is not one simple motivation for all volunteers. She believes that it is much more than just “wanting to give back”.  It is about the camaraderie you find in volunteering, and the satisfaction you get by knowing you have made an impact on your community.

Celia truly believes that volunteering is part of what creates a community. It brings people together, and establishes a sense of belonging.  Volunteers lay the foundation of the amazing, generous and inspiring community we have here in Guelph.

Because of support from individuals like Celia Clark and all of our amazing volunteers, patient care is better in our community.