Dawn Miller

Today’s #MondayMotivation reminds us that we are all a part of a much bigger picture.

In supporting patient care at our Hospital, we all have an important role to play. Not one is more important than the other.

What is most important is that we all work together towards a common goal of the achieving the highest standard of quality patient care.

Dawn’s part of the big picture is to be a support to many safety initiatives throughout GGH that work to ensure the safety of all Hospital staff.

Some of the initiatives include, responding to staff incident reports, and completing investigations and follow-up, working with Ministry of Labour to ensure we meet legislative requirements, and participation on many committees including, The Workplace Violence Awareness & Prevention Committee, Joint Health & Safety Committee, and co-chairing the Emergency Measures Committee.

Dawn spends time within her role developing, revising & improving, and training staff on the Hospital’s Emergency Measures/Codes, including development of hospital training exercises to test the hospital’s response to emergency situations. Dawn also works closely with our community partners including Fire and Police to ensure collaborative approaches to emergency situations.

“I’m always looking to identify preventable measures and work to eliminate risks” said Dawn.

Dawn’s main motivation boils down to ensuring patient care needs are being met.

Dawn always knew she had a place in healthcare, but knew she wasn’t meant to be on the front lines. By helping to ensure front line healthcare staff have the tools and processes they need to do their jobs safely, she is playing an important role in the delivery of patient care.

“If staff are safe, then it helps to ensure patients are safe”.

Take a moment and think about your role and the impact you have on all those around you.

Whether you’re on the front lines or in the foreground, a hospital staff or volunteer, or whether your support is given through the Foundation to help fund patient care equipment needs. Every role is important, needed, and greatly appreciated.