Laura-Lynne Lobo

Today’s #MondayMotivation inspires us to look at how we can apply our acquired skills and knowledge to different roles, and by doing so, possibly make a greater impact.

That is what Laura-Lynne Lobo did when she transitioned to Guelph General’s IT department after thirteen years of nursing at the Hospital.

Twelve years ago, Laura-Lynne responded to an opportunity to work with the Hospital’s IT department on a 6-month project related to setting up the Hospital’s electronic patient records system.

One project led to the next, and Laura-Lynne found herself enjoying every one. Today Laura-Lynne is the Senior Infomatics Analyst and continues to help manage and support all the electronic documentation systems at the Hospital.

“I’m able to take my frontline patient care experience and apply it directly to computerized solutions” said Laura-Lynne about her role.

One recent and important project that Laura-Lynne was involved with was the Medication Reconciliation project. Laura-Lynne helped develop the documentation process and the format of the reports.

Medication Reconciliation is a careful evaluation of a patient’s medications prior to being admitted at the hospital, during their care at the hospital, and what they need once they go home.

With the new systems in place, communications between physicians, nurses, and pharmacy staff are improved which ensure that patients always receive accurate information and correct instructions about their medications once they leave the Hospital.

Completion of this project was a milestone achievement, and one of many projects at our Hospital that help to ensure patients receive the safest and highest quality care.

Through projects like these, Laura-Lynne is able to apply what she knows about nursing to IT solutions that benefit patients’ hospital-wide.