Jayne Lawrence

Today marks the official start of National Nursing Week. A week to recognize the contributions that nurses make to society.

So for today’s #MondayMotivation, we look to Jayne Lawrence, recipient of 2016 Allan Finnie Memorial Prize. This award celebrates and honours the outstanding contributions of nurses to health care through the recognition of individual excellence in nursing.

Like so many of Guelph General’s nurses, Jayne inspires love and compassion for others.

Compassion is an essential quality in nursing. When the quality of compassion is present, interactions with others are immediately altered. They are more thoughtful, more tender.

Patients can feel a nurse’s compassion through the care they receive by them. It is often this simple quality that ultimately shapes a patient’s overall experience as a patient.

Jayne has been nursing at Guelph General for a total of 29 years and says she “loves being a bed side nurse.”

“I simply love giving care to others and I love the interaction in helping people.”

Jayne’s care and compassion extends beyond her patients and to their family members. She is welcoming to family members and invites visiting family and friends to be close to their loved ones and gives them the space and time they need to be near to each other.

There is no doubt that Jayne has had a significant and lasting impact in the lives of many other’s through her role at Guelph General Hospital.