The Foundation reached a $50 million milestone in its 2016-17 fiscal year

Since The Foundation of Guelph General Hospital was founded in 1987, over 50 million dollars has been generously donated.

Knowing that the tally was getting close to this milestone figure, The Foundation’s CEO, Suzanne Bone, had been keeping an eye on the numbers. It wasn’t until preparing the year-end financial statements and the annual fund transfer to the Hospital that she realized this milestone had been reached.

After doing some digging into the Foundation’s donor database, it was discovered that what tipped the Foundation’s now 29-year tally over this significant figure was a donation of $50,000 from the Guelph Lion’s Club, received on Valentine’s Day, 2017.

“This is an incredible milestone. It represents 87,708 donations, 22,694 caring donors, and thousands upon thousands of lives saved and changed at our Hospital through our community’s generosity,” said Bone.

She started working at the Foundation in 1991 and has witnessed almost every gift ever made through the Foundation. “I still feel an overwhelming sense of appreciation each and every year”.

Donations have a direct impact on the quality of care the Hospital is able to deliver, said GGH President and CEO Marianne Walker.

“Our donors’ generosity helps support our exceptional staff by providing them with the tools, equipment and space they need to provide high quality care and a positive experience for patients and their families. We’re also able to invest in the resources needed to meet the growing needs of the community we serve.”

Every dollar that the Foundation transfers to the Hospital is used to purchase essential patient care equipment and over the years, 82 cents of every dollar raised has gone directly to helping our Hospital.

There have been a number significant campaigns along the way including:

  • Scanning for Guelph Wellington – $2 million raised for our first CT Scanner
  • Dialysis…Closer to Home – $750,000 raised for local dialysis services
  • Partners for Better Health – $12 million raised for GGH and St. Joseph’s
  • MRI & More – $6 million raised for an MRI scanner, our Emergency Department and our Vascular Surgery Suite

However, it’s not only these monumental pieces of equipment or hospital changes that are dependent on funding.

Over the years, donors have helped fund thousands of pieces of patient care equipment at our Hospital, large and small.

Last year, the Hospital was able to replace three of its ultrasound machines with new state-of the art ultrasound technology. The image quality made possible a new weekly Breast Assessment Clinic to help confirm breast cancer more quickly.

Replacing outdated equipment with donor support is a constant theme. In 2015 all of the Hospital’s entire fleet of IV Pumps were replaced through $1.6 million of cumulative gifts. The new pumps have many advanced safety features which help eliminate preventable harm for patients.

Basic equipment needs are also met with community support. Ceiling-mounted procedure lights, defibrillators, hospital beds, patient lifts and even a temporal thermometer for the Paediatrics Department – these items are vital to every-day patient care.

It took 29 years to raise $50 million, but as the community grows, so too do the patient care needs at our Hospital.

Over the next five years, the Foundation has an ambitious goal to raise approximately $20 million.

The extra funds are needed for a number of significant projects related to the Emergency Department, our Special Care Nursery, advancing diagnosis, and other equipment that ensures caregivers have the equipment and technology needed to save lives and improve health.

“I am confident that our community will come together as it always has in the past” commented Bone, when asked how she felt about this ambitious fundraising goal.

“It’s been reported that Guelph is one of Canada’s most caring communities, and that’s something I have witnessed over my 26-years with the Foundation. Every day I’m inspired by the generosity of our community.”

Patient care is better at Guelph General Hospital because of community support.

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