Susan Radin

Today’s #MondayMotivation inspires leadership.

Harvey J. Firestone, a successful leader and business man, believed growth and development of people to be the highest calling of leadership.

Susan Radin certainly answered this calling throughout her career as she mentored many young nursing students as well as many new nurses just starting out on their own career.

Susan felt that one of her most significant contributions over her 28-year career as a nurse was mentoring the next generation of nurses.

“I enjoyed acting in more of a mother role to the new nurses” said Susan with a smile as she reflected on what she enjoyed most about her nursing role.

As a recipient of two angel wing pins, awarded to Susan through the Gifts of Gratitude program that allows patients to express their gratitude for exceptional care, she certainly modeled a nursing style that patients appreciated and wanted.

Susan recently retired from Guelph General Hospital where she nursed patients in the Hospital’s medical units 4 East and West since 2001, but her influence will remain within our Hospital for years to come.

In the photo shown above, Susan expresses how she hopes she made a difference in other people’s lives.