Portable X-Ray Machines

You can help care for our Hospital’s most critically ill

Portable X-ray units travel throughout the Hospital to help care for our most ill patients.

In the Special Care Nursery, tiny babies have X-rays to monitor conditions such as respiratory distress or cardiac issues.

Most patients in our Bob Ireland Family Intensive Care Unit will have a daily X-ray to check the placement of tubes or the functioning of the lungs.

Our Hospital needs two new portable X-ray machines to meet the patient care needs of our community.

Our current units are over 15 years old. They are getting more difficult to repair and the image quality is not nearly as good as today’s standard. And, they make use of older technology whereby the image is captured on a cassette.

The cassette is checked in another department for image quality before the technician can be sure they have the image that the physician needs. If the image is not of sufficient quality, another exposure must be taken. This can be an uncomfortable process for the patient, and it adds precious minutes.

The new portable X-ray machines use “Digital Radiography Panels.” The image quality is far superior, and the images are seen immediately which means the technician can ensure that the best image and all necessary images are taken the first time (think about the difference between your old film-based camera and your current digital camera).

Watch this video of Dr. Samir Patel presenting his case for why you should help fund this project.

Yes, I want to help fund these new X-ray machines and help care for the most critically ill

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