Monitors/ Defibrillators

You can help our caregivers provide the best patient outcomes

Critically ill patients are sometimes at risk of a heart attack due to the stress of their illness.

A crucial piece of equipment to keep these patients safe while at Guelph General Hospital is the monitor/defibrillator. This can be rapidly called upon in the event of a sudden heart failure and is an integral component of hospital crash carts within areas such as the Bob Ireland Family Intensive Care Unit, Linamar Emergency Department, and Operating Rooms.

For patients whose heart stops beating, the monitor/ defibrillator is a critical piece of equipment.

Used in tandem with CPR to provide the best outcome, it can save a life.

Guelph General has reduced the number of Code Blue events through our “Rapid Response” protocol where dedicated staff intervene early when a patient is not doing well. Matching this up with the latest resuscitation technology could quite literally be the difference between life and death for our most critically ill patients.

New monitor/ defibrillators offer many benefits that drastically improve resuscitation success rates. This opportunity is to replace all of our monitor/ defibrillators, 16 in total.

Watch this video of Dr. Dean Raso presenting his case for why you should help fund this project.

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