Sarmazian Brothers Flooring

Sarmazian Brothers Flooring: An extra special anniversary celebration!

Leading up to the Sarmazian Brothers 10th Year Anniversary One Day Sale, the management team decided that they wanted to do something extra special as part of the celebration sale.

Due to “strong roots in the community”, Sarmazian Bros. Flooring wanted to “find a way to give back to the community”.

The Sarmazian Brothers Flooring team had already been supporting the Hospital through Black Tie Bingo, as both prize donors and guests. So after some careful consideration, they decided to dedicate their 10th anniversary sale to the Hospital.

Donor funds are used to purchase essential patient care equipment that is needed in the everyday care of patients at the Hospital. This was an important part of choosing the Foundation for the donation.

Following their sale, Jack, Raffi and Tony met at the Hospital to present a cheque in the amount of $7,000!

At the cheque presentation, Jack told us that the sale was very successful and customers were motivated to make a purchase knowing that it would support the Hospital.

Even the sales staff “really got on board” Jack said. They were more motivated with this added benefit to help close the sale.

The Foundation of Guelph General Hospital was delighted to learn that the event was successful on so many levels, and will remain truly grateful to Sarmazian Brothers Flooring for choosing to support the Hospital.