Support Guelph General Hospital’s request of the City of Guelph

On December 3rd, as part of its budget deliberations, Guelph City Council will be considering Guelph General Hospital’s request for $4.5 million in support of our plan to expand our Emergency Department and Mental Health and Addiction Services, expand and renovate our Special Care Nursery, and invest in state-of-the-art medical equipment and technologies. Parts of our presentation to the committee of the whole have already been shared by Mayor Cam Guthrie on Facebook along with his 100% support. This is a great start to getting local political support for these important projects.

If you are interested in knowing more about our request, the City has posted our entire presentation.


City councillors will be interested to know how the citizens of Guelph feel about this request. If you live in Guelph and support this much-needed project, emailing your local Councillor(s) will help improve our chances of success with the City.

Below you will find a list of local councillors with email addresses (along with a Ward Map if you aren’t sure which ward you live in). We’ve also drafted a template email with an area for you to include your personal comments. You can, of course, write your own.

Please send the email before Tuesday, December 3rd!

Thank you for considering helping in this way.


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Ward 1
Councillor Dan Gibson
[email protected]

Councillor Bob Bell

[email protected]
Ward 2
Councillor James Gordon
[email protected]

Councillor Rodrigo Goller

[email protected]
Ward 3
Councillor Phil Allt
[email protected]
Councillor June Hofland
[email protected]
Ward 4
Councillor Mike Salisbury
[email protected]

Councillor Christine Billings

[email protected]
Ward 5
Councillor Leanne Piper
[email protected]
Councillor Cathy Downer
[email protected]
Ward 6
Councillor Mark MacKinnon
[email protected]
Councillor Dominique O’Rourke
[email protected]


Dear Councillor XXX,

I am writing to let you know I support Guelph General Hospital’s request of the City of $4.5 million for its three priority projects – Emergency Department and Mental Health and Addictions Services renovation and expansion; Special Care Nursery expansion and renovation; and state-of-the-art medical equipment and technologies.

Our hospital is there for everyone, and I believe it is important to have a hospital that can meet the needs of our growing community. The services they have are critical – lives are saved and changed every day.


I have been a patient in the Emergency Department and waited on a hallway bed – it was terrible. I am happy to hear about the planned expansion.

I haven’t had to use the Hospital, but I think it’s important that the staff have the space and equipment they need.

I work at the Hospital and having the right equipment and space will help me provide the best possible care to my patients.