You can help provide emergency patient care.

You have an opportunity today to help purchase new, state-of-the-art monitor/defibrillators and a portable X-ray machine.

These pieces of medical equipment are absolutely vital to patient care in the Emergency Department and throughout the Hospital every day. Cardiac problems and respiratory distress are two of the most-common reasons that people are rushed to the Emergency Department. These potentially life-threatening conditions can affect anyone, from newborn babies to the eldest of seniors.

Government funding for hospitals doesn’t cover every need at Guelph General Hospital.

Today, we urgently need new monitor/defibrillators and a portable X-ray machine to help save more lives and keep families together. Your gift will put the latest technology into the hands of our doctors — at the very moment when they can make the greatest difference for the greatest number of patients.

Quite literally, your gift today will help save the lives of people in your neighbourhood or even in your own family.