Matthew Peltomaki

I help connect our donors’ passions with their philanthropic goals, and I see firsthand the tangible and immediate impact of their giving. As a resident of Guelph and a father of two young children, Guelph General Hospital (GGH) has personal importance to me, and I am overwhelmed by the generosity I witness every day.

I have the honour of getting to know many of our donors and enjoy hearing their stories. Some give because of the meaningful care that they or a family member received. Some are answering the hospital’s call for help to upgrade vital equipment to ensure that our physicians and staff have the right tools when it matters the most. Whatever the reason, donor support touches every patient’s experience at GGH.

I also have the privilege of working with donors who have left a gift to the hospital in their Will. These donors look beyond the needs of today – leaving a legacy that will shape the future of health care in Guelph for generations to come.

We all play a role in caring for our community. I am motivated by the donors, physicians, staff and volunteers whose passion for GGH serves as an inspiration for everyone in the community to find their own way to give back.

The contributions of each of these partners is crucially important to the thousands of patients who rely on Guelph General Hospital each year, and I feel very fortunate to be part of the team that helps bring exceptional health care to our community.