Thanksgiving Day Races

A Guelph tradition since 1894

The Thanksgiving Day Races take place every year on Thanksgiving Day Monday


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The Thanksgiving Day Races are a Guelph tradition, dating back to 1894. Until about the 1970’s, they were thought to be the largest held in Canada.

Today they attract more than 500 race participants as well as 100s more who come out to watch or volunteer

It’s an event for all ages with entire families participating across the many events. Running ability at the event is diverse, ranging from some of Guelph’s most elite runners all the way through to the novice.

In 2012, the Thanksgiving Day Races partnered with The Foundation of Guelph General Hospital to raise funds to help Guelph General Hospital improve care for our community.

Come out with the whole family and support The Foundation of Guelph General Hospital and a Guelph Thanksgiving Day Monday tradition!

Thanksgiving Day Races Facts:

  1. They are among the top ten longest standing races in the world!
  2. The races attract international participants, read the Spanish runner’s story on
  3. The 2016 races were the largest in it’s recent history with just shy of 600 racers.
  4. They were founded by the Guelph Road Race Association which was formed in 1894 by Alex Petrie and William Robinson of the Guelph Herald.
  5. The Thanksgiving Day Races are almost as old as our Hospital which was established in 1875.