Current Projects

You can help our Hospital provide exceptional patient care.

If there were no financial donors, there would still be a Guelph General Hospital. But it would not be the kind of hospital people in Guelph and Wellington County would want. That’s why we need you to help support the Hospitals current projects.

Governments fund basic hospital operating costs. They do not fund many of the things that can make a positive difference for patients. In fact, they provide no money to buy most hospital equipment. Rapid advances in technology means that there are always new tools that can improve the quality of patient care, boost staff efficiency, and reduce waiting times. The only way Guelph General can continue to accomplish these improvements is with help from donors like you.

Determining patient care funding priorities

Every year, the Foundation receives a long list of equipment needs from the Hospital Leadership Team. The list includes new pieces of equipment or technology that simply have not been available before, and will help satisfy a patient care need at GGH if introduced to our Hospital today.

The list also includes equipment that needs to be replaced because it is getting to be too worn out to be used safely or because the technology is no longer supported by its manufacturer. In these cases, there are always technological advances that result in greater patient care benefits than the equipment it is replacing.

Current Priorities

Presented below are just a small handful of the Hospital’s projects that most urgently need funding. Please browse the summaries below and click through to full project descriptions. For a full list of Hospital priorities, or to discuss and identify a project that meets your specific interests in supporting the Hospital, please contact the Foundation.


Central Cardiac Monitoring System

Right now, the hospital is aiming to raise nearly $1 million to replace and upgrade their central cardiac monitoring system. This is the system doctors and nurses rely on to track the heart performance of their most critically ill patients. Continue Reading Central Cardiac Monitoring System

Hospital Beds

There’s nothing like a good night’s sleep, and that’s especially true for patients in the hospital. Continue Reading Hospital Beds