You can be the difference that saves a life.

You can help provide better care to patients at Gueph General Hospital.

The scanner at our hospital is now close to 13 years old. It has been extremely well used! In fact, over 14,000 CT scans are now performed annually at our Hospital.

The current scanner breaks down and needs repairs more frequently. Replacement parts are growing scarce and the supply is no longer guaranteed. This can impact patient outcomes dramatically if a CT scan cannot be performed for a patient who needs one for an urgent diagnosis, or to determine the most appropriate course of action to best care for the patient in a critical situation.

New CT Scanners have technological advancements that can allow our Hospital’s healthcare team to provide even better care:

  • Much sharper images to more accurately diagnose and monitor disease
  • Use less radiation, especially important for children and those who need multiple scans
  • Vascular scanning can be done with less contrast dye, resulting in less stress on the patient’s kidneys which filter the dye

When you give generously today, you will help our Hospital deliver top-quality healthcare to our community.