Your generous participation makes patient care better.

Now in its 26th year, Black Tie Bingo has raised over $4 million in net proceeds to fund essential patient care equipment at Guelph General Hospital. Equipment purchases have included everything from operating room scopes to our digital mammography machine, laparoscopic towers, specialized ICU beds, and most recently in 2021, technological advances in Guelph General Hospital’s vascular and breast cancer surgical program.

BTB Around the World will help fund a new MRI scanner!

Our generous community came together nearly 14 years ago to fund Guelph General’s first MRI scanner. In fact, proceeds from Black Tie Bingo – A Night with the Tsars contributed $135,000 towards the Hospital’s first MRI scanner.

We rely on our MRI scanner non-stop, and we urgently need to replace it. Today, up to 15,000 MRI scans are completed annually to diagnose and monitor injuries and illnesses.

Your generous participation at Black Tie Bingo – Around the World will help Guelph General get a powerful new MRI scanner which will provide even better patient care.

A new MRI scanner will:

Improve image quality. Doctors will be able to see smaller details with greater clarity, leading to earlier and more accurate diagnosis.

Be up to 2x faster! A scan that now takes 30 minutes may be completed in 15 to 20 minutes.

Help more patients. GGH will be able to complete more patient scans per hour of operation. And the new scanner is capable of producing images for a broader range of injuries and illnesses.

This year, the event netted $212,084 in fundraising revenue towards the new MRI scanner! Going into the event, $1.887 million had already been raised for the scanner through mail and online gifts, Tour de Guelph and 50/50 Hospital Lottery proceeds. Adding this year’s Black Tie Bingo proceeds brings the tally to $2.099 million, closing in on the $2.25 million needed to purchase and install the new scanner.