Black Tie Bingo 2020: The Cause

Generous participation at the 24th Annual Black Tie Bingo will place Medication Safety Carts in every hospital unit.

Making the delivery of medications safer for patients and more efficient for nurses.

Nearly every patient at Guelph General Hospital will require a prescription. In fact, more than 800 prescriptions are processed each and every day: to relieve pain, to treat an infection, to treat or protect against heart attack or stroke, to treat cancer, and to treat just about every other illness or injury that brings people to our Hospital for care.

So for our nurses, administering medication is a big part of their job and it carries a lot of responsibility.


  • Replace the Hospital’s current manual pen and paper medication dispensing process with a modern electronic process
  • Increase patient safety in hospital by reducing medication dispensing errors
  • Give nurses more time at the patients’ bedside with a more efficient process that reduces the time that nurses spend delivering medications
  • Provide the safest and highest quality patient care possible


  • Medication Safety Carts will complete Phase II of the Hospital’s medication safety initiative
  • Electronic medication records are created for each patient
  • Using the Medication Safety Carts, nurses will access the electronic medication records for their patients, assign a unique medication drawer to each patient and load the drawers with the patients’ medications.
  • At the bedside, the nurse will scan the patient’s wristband which will pull up the patient’s record and unlock their assigned medication drawer.
  • After the medication is given to the patient, the nurse can update the patient’s medication record on the spot.

This year, at Black Tie Bingo, you help ensure every patient receives the safest and highest quality patient care possible. Thank you.


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