Black Tie Bingo 2019: The Cause

Your attendance at Black Tie Bingo will help make patient care better at Guelph General Hospital.

Now in its 23rd year, BTB has netted more than $3 million – money that has helped Guelph General Hospital caregivers save lives and improve health, through the purchase of urgently needed equipment for virtually every patient care area. Equipment purchases have included everything from patient lifts to operating room scopes to our digital mammography machine and our MRI scanner.

Last year Black Tie Bingo raised a record-breaking $266,000 and helped purchase three new laparoscopic towers that are essential for medical care. This year, all funds from Black Tie Bingo – Northern Lights will help purchase highly advanced patient beds for the Hospitals Intensive Care Unit.

More than a bed – a critical piece of equipment that meets the highest care standards for ICU patients.

The Bob Ireland Intensive Care Unit is where our Hospital cares for some of its most ill and immobile patients. These patients have very special needs, and GGH needs bed systems designed specifically for ICU patients.

The beds have a number of very specialized features that reduce the risk of pressure ulcer development, including a digital analysis scale system that redistributes weight-based pressure automatically, and a ‘turn assist’ system that makes turning easier for staff and patients. In addition, a bed exit sensor and alarm reduces risk of falling. And, the beds have great versatility when it comes to change of position which helps with recovery.


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