Split the Pot – March 22nd winner

Erika G of Guelph certainly hoped to win any time she bought lottery tickets, but a windfall was never her first priority.

“I’ve played Guelph General Hospital’s 50/50 Lottery. When GGH joined 51 other Ontario hospitals for the Split the Pot lottery, I bought those tickets, too.”

A 20-year Guelph resident, over the last 5 years Erika has received cancer treatments in several medical facilities. These include surgery at Cambridge Hospital, monthly injections at GGH, other treatments at Grand River Hospital in Kitchener-Waterloo.

“Buying a Split the Pot Lottery ticket was a small way for me to give back.”

This humble rationale for a generous action led to riches for Erika on March 22nd. For that draw, she won the Grand Prize of $107,791.50. But it did take a while for her to learn this!

“First, I got a voicemail asking if I’d bought tickets. The next day, I got a text saying, ‘We really want to talk with you.’ I knew the draw was coming up, so I rang back. The first thing they said was, ‘Are you sitting down?’ I had no idea I would win so big.”

Erika will split her winnings with her boyfriend. “We’ve always alternated the ticket buying, so he deserves half.”

She will likely buy a new electric bike, put some money in savings, and other monies toward the ‘expenses of life.’ They might take a trip to Iceland – but will wait for the volcanic activity to calm down first. Her boyfriend is keen to buy another acoustic or electric guitar.

“It’s good to have music in my life,” Erika says.

Given everything she’s dealt with on the health front, receiving that call from GGH was a joyful high note – on top of whatever her boyfriend can strum, of course! Something else: Erika always thought 2 was her lucky number. She was one of two Grand Prize winners on March 22nd!

Why should others consider buying a lottery ticket?

“It’s a great way to support the hospital,” Erika says. “I think the odds are better than with Lotto 6/49 or Lotto Max. Quite a few people can win a chunk of money with Split the Pot because the pot gets so big. I’m just glad to be one of them this time.’

So are we, Erika! We are so thankful that you bought a ticket to support GGH and other regional medical facilities in this way.