Rhonda Indewey is grateful for early breast cancer detection

It was Rhonda’s second routine screening mammogram that revealed a lump. A biopsy confirmed breast cancer. “I was shocked” said Rhonda. “I really wasn’t expecting that news, but I was thankful when my physician said it’s in an early stage and my odds of beating it were very good.”

Rhonda underwent minor surgery at Guelph General Hospital to remove the lump and to examine the lymph nodes under her arm to ensure the cancer hadn’t spread – and it hadn’t. Her surgery was followed up with 16 radiation treatments.

Seven years later, Rhonda is cancer-free and living her life to the fullest, she says “cancer really made me think about the way I live life. I count my blessings every day.”

Rhonda recently got her motorcycle license, something she’s wanted to do her whole life, and she’s also returned to work after a failed attempt to retire early. It’s not a complete coincidence that Rhonda started a new job in Guelph General’s Housekeeping department. “I meet a lot of patients while I’m on shift, I try to spread happiness and positivity whenever I can by sharing my story, or by offering a hug.”

“I’m also a big advocate for routine mammograms. If it hadn’t been for mine, I may not have found my cancer until it was too late. I’m here today because of that machine,” asserts Rhonda.

She is also thrilled to learn that Guelph General Hospital has a new mammography machine, and especially one that will make even earlier detection more possible.