Beryl and I celebrated our 65th anniversary a few years ago — thanks to the wonderful team at Guelph General and generous donors like you who make great care possible.

 – Geoff, a grateful patient

In June 2016, Geoff went to the Emergency Department at Guelph General with internal bleeding. When they ran blood tests, they found his hemoglobin was down in the 50s. Normal levels for men are 140 to 180. It was a scary time for Geoff.

Fortunately, the doctors were incredible. They were committed to determining the cause of his condition and finding an effective strategy to manage it. Most importantly, Geoff is grateful for feeling truly cared for by his physicians and nurses.

Geoff is also grateful for generous donors — like you — who helped fund the endoscopes, IV pumps and vital signs monitors the team used to diagnose his condition and look after him.

We need your help today to help fund essential patient care equipment so that Guelph General can continue to provide exceptional patient care to patients like Geoff.

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