A white heart is a symbol commonly used to convey hope, pure thought and steadfast intention.

Join our White Heart Project as a way to show your appreciation for those on Guelph General Hospital’s front lines, and for all others at GGH and throughout our community who play important supporting roles during the COVID-19 crisis.

Out of our deep appreciation for the entire GGH team and the tremendous sacrifice they are making, we are honoured to bring the White Heart Project to our community.

By sending your words of gratitude using the form below, downloading and displaying our signature White Heart on your door, or simply sharing our social media posts, you are showing everyone at GGH how grateful we all are.

Together when we care and support one another, we strengthen our community.

Send a message to us and we’ll print and display it at the Hospital.

Use this form to submit words of thanks to the healthcare team at GGH. Type a short message and we’ll write your words on a white heart and display it within the Hospital for healthcare workers to read.

White Heart Project is your way to say thank you for all they do for us. Be sure to type from the heart!

Your message:

Show your heart!

Share a photo on Social Media.

Download our signature White Heart, print it out and display it for all to see! Show your gratitude for healthcare workers and all other essential workers in our community by putting a white heart and gratitude message on your home door or window.

  1. Download file
  2. Print it out
  3. Cut it out
  4. Display it at your home

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Join the #WhiteHeartProject on Social Media. Share your thanks to healthcare workers. Tag and follow: #WhiteHeartProject and #WhiteHeartsForGGH

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More ways to support…

Please consider a donation to our COVID-19 Critical Response Fund

Our community is no different than others in that there is a global shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) used by all frontline health care workers when performing certain high-risk medical procedures. Please see our COVID-19 PPE Response page to see the list of current PPE needs for Guelph General Hospital