Jennifer Duggan

Hi! I am a Project Coordinator at The Foundation of the Guelph General Hospital. I have spent the majority of my career working for non- profit community-benefit organizations because I am drawn to places where “good work” gets done. I love knowing that my efforts roll up to advance a higher cause and improving patient care at GGH certainly qualifies as a terrific mission.

I have never learned how to stop raising my hand so find myself to be a frequent volunteer for community initiatives and projects. I give generously of my time and enjoy the “high” that comes from working together with others of like mind. This experience of getting good things done will help me support the ongoing success of the Foundation.

I will be providing support to donors and to members of the Board, as well as assisting with the many special Foundation events. As well, I will oversee the Special Grants Program where departments in the hospital vie for funding for special items that will improve their work at GGH.