Community-Led Fundraisers make a BIG impact at Guelph General Hospital

We are thankful for the creative fundraising initiatives that local businesses and community members dream up! Each year, over $100,000 is raised by Community-Led Fundraisers to help Guelph General Hospital provide the best quality and safest patient care possible. At Guelph General Hospital, every piece of equipment used in the direct care of patients is funded by our community – including proceeds from Community-Led Fundraisers!

Scroll down this page to see what others in the community have done in the past. 

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Wellington Brewery raised over $4,200 through SPA sales!

This is Wellington Brewery’s Karyn Boscariol joined by Foundation’s Senior Development Officer, Rob Cameron. Karyn presented us with a wonderful donation of $4,213.70 from Wellington Brewery for our Together, We Care capital campaign! 🍺 For the month of May, 25 cents of every can of Wellington Brewery SPA sold was donated to support and improve patient care at Guelph General Hospital. The brewery also told a series of stories about our hardworking GGH staff on social media. Check out their Facebook page at Wellington Brewery to see! Thank you so much Wellington Brewery for your generosity and support!

Mochrie for the win! And $430 raised!

Oscar Reimer, RHN and Clinical Educator for Inpatient Surgery at GGH, decided to run a fundraiser for National Nurses Week 2021. GGH staff were invited to pay to vote on his pandemic hair cut. The choices were “The Mr.T,” “The Mochrie,” “Joe Dirt,” and “The Moe.” The winner was the Mochrie! Oscar raised $430 for The Foundation of Guelph General Hospital’s Together, We Care capital campaign.

Oliver and Finn raise $1267 for patients with cancer and Pediatrics!

Oliver and Finn have climbed the heights of the CN Tower, Eiffel Tower, and the Leaning Tower of Pisa. When they wanted to do something for their community, they decided to raise money for their hospital by climbing the stairs at the CN Tower. Unfortunately, they could not do this during the pandemic, so they climbed local stairs. Their efforts raised $1267 to help get the “tools” needed for cancer patients and Pediatrics!

Bottle drive at River Mill condo brings in $403!

Residents in the River Mill condo tower downtown ran a bottle collection program to support GGH. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they had to put a pause on collecting bottles and cans. Despite that setback, River Mill residents were able to collect 7848 bottles and cans! They split up the funds and $403 was donated to our Together, We Care campaign.

McDonald’s supports the Together, We Care campaign and raises $27,703!

For a portion of December, donations from McDonald’s Restaurants of Guelph supported our Together, We Care campaign to provide better care and experience for babies and families in the Special Care Nursery at Guelph General Hospital. Also, on December 22nd, $1 from the purchase of every Big Mac, Happy Meal or hot McCafe beverage was also donated by McDonald’s Restaurants of Guelph. Altogether they raised a resounding $27,703!

Harris showcases the true holiday spirit!

This is Harris McLeod. One day during the holiday season, he woke up and told his mother that he wanted to donate some Christmas money to Guelph General Hospital to ensure that any children that had to spend time in the hospital during Christmas were able to have a good holiday.

Maggie makes moves for her community!

6-year-old Maggie decided to donate all her birthday money, a total of $57, to the Guelph General Hospital. After dropping off her donation at the Hospital, she headed home for a celebration with her favourite supper, macaroni and cheese, and birthday cake.

Smile Cookie sales of $986 support Guelph’s littlest patients!

The Tim Hortons and Marek Hospitality Inc., located at the Guelph General Hospital selected our Hospital again as the Smile Cookie beneficiary in November 2020. They donated $986 to the Hospital, specifically to our Special Care Nursery which will help our Hospital care for its littlest patients.

Young philanthropists raise $200!

Sienna and Carter put their bracelet-making skills and creativity towards philanthropy in their community in the summer of 2020. They sold their colourful bracelets to family and friends and raised $200 for the COVID-19 Critical Relief Fund at Guelph General Hospital.

Fairmeadow and Gateway Community garage sale raises $550!

Organizers and purchasers showed their supported to the Hospital with their contribution to the Fairmeadow and Gateway Community garage sale. The garage sale raised $550 for Guelph General Hospital.

Wow! $3725 raised from Sidonio’s/Art of Denim non-medical mask campaign

Sidonio’s Custom Men’s Shop/Art of Denim made a wonderful donation of $3725. This donation was made through the proceeds of their non-medical mask campaign. The masks were made in Ontario by Dion Neckwear Ltd.

Strom’s Farm & Bakery raises $9,117.09!

Strom’s Farm & Bakery donated sales from their delicious goods to the Guelph General Hospital. They dropped off a cheque for $9,117.09 for our Together, We Care campaign.

Ellen Doodles draws the Guelph General Hospital and donates net proceeds!

Newcomer to Guelph, Ellen, drew the Guelph General Hospital in part of her Guelph doodle series. Ellen has committed to creating 100 doodles of Guelph locations. She created reprints of doodle #54, the Hospital, and sold them on her site at with the net proceeds of $30 going towards supporting patient care at the Guelph General Hospital.

Mentalist Cody does not let COVID-19 stop him from making an impact!

Cody Moynihan set a goal to raise $5,000 with 100% proceeds going to the Guelph General Hospital. Cody hosted a virtual mentalist fundraiser to show support of our Hospital. The live stream took place on a Saturday night and tickets were $15 each.

Guelph Family Martial Arts get creative to support their community!

Guelph Family Martial Arts got creative to fundraise and keep the community active during the beginning of the pandemic. Guelph Family Martial Arts decided to make sure people were still keeping active by hosting a free workout via Facebook Live on Fridays. Everyone who watched and/or participated was asked to make a donation to Guelph General Hospital.

The Guelph Chinese Cultural Group raises $30,407 in 10 days!

During the beginning of the pandemic, The Guelph Chinese Cultural Group saw MP Lloyd Longfield’s Facebook post that the Guelph General Hospital needed N95 masks urgently. Their board of directors called a meeting to discuss how they could support our medical professionals at Guelph General Hospital. Almost spontaneously, every board member agreed that they must do something to help protect our valuable medical staff at the hospital. The GCCCG prioritized fundraising within the Chinese community in Guelph. With countless efforts of every board member and the larger Chinese community in Guelph, the GCCCG fundraised a total of $30,407 in 10 days.

Tupperware sales help save lives and improve health!

Tupperware representative, Jennifer Wheeler hosted a fundraiser where 40% of the proceeds were donated to the Guelph General Hospital. All orders were placed online and shipped directly to the customer. Jennifer and customers helped make a difference to the Guelph community with each Tupperware sold.

The Beer Store presents a cheque of $122,924.7! Wow!

The Beer Store collected empties and donated the funds to the Foundation of Guelph General Hospital. Employees from The Beer Store stopped by the hospital and presented a cheque for a grand total of $122,924.75!

One Tooth Clothing donates to COVID-19 Critical Response Fund!

For a portion of May, One Tooth Clothing sold $50 gift cards where for each purchase, $5 was donated to the COVID-19 Critical Response Fund at Guelph General Hospital and $5 went towards store credit.

The Hindu Society hosts Live Singing event with donations going to the Hospital!

The Hindu Society offered one night of Live Singing with K4Kishore Winner, Suniel Patel and legendary singer Kishore Kumar. Guests could request their favourite song. It was a free virtual event; however, donations to the Guelph General Hospital were welcomed.

Ranju opens his own café and raises funds for COVID-19 Response Relief Fund!

This is Ranju. He works for J.O.E. which is a registered Guelph charity that focuses on innovative, community-based employment and job training for adults with developmental disabilities. Ranju decided to open his own café at home selling light lunches and treats to his family. Ranju loves doing this and what makes this even more amazing is that he decided to donate the proceeds to Guelph General Hospital to the COVID-19 Response Relief Fund.

University of Guelph students shine light on the importance of community donations to Guelph Hospital with a Bowl-a-thon

A group of University of Guelph students wanted to do a project addressing the underrepresented voices and ideas. Most believe that the Canadian government covers the costs associated with our hospitals; in reality, government support helps only to fund parts of the operational and facility-related costs. It is commonly not known that it is the community’s duty to fund the equipment which enters their hospitals. This results in most hospitals being left with outdated supplies and equipment due in large part to the community’s lack of recognition for the donations needed to cover costs. So they decided to host a Bowl-a-thon to support the Foundation of Guelph General Hospital.

“Laughter is the Best Medicine Comedy Show” brings light and hope to Guelph community

Guelph Firefighters Benevolent Foundation hosted a “Laughter is the Best Medicine Comedy Show” on Friday, January 24th, 2020 in support of Guelph General Hospital & Groves Hospital & Foundation. Tickets were $30 each.

Brian Price creates in honour of Guelph General Hospital

Brian Price, a Cambridge artist, came up with a creative way to support Guelph General Hospital through selling his artwork. He painted an image of Killarney, Ontario and decided to make prints of it and sell them for $35 with $10 from every print sold going to Cambridge Memorial Hospital, Grand River Hospital, St. Mary’s Hospital, Groves Hospital or Guelph General Hospital. Customers could select which hospital they wanted to donate to.

McDonald’s Canada Restaurants of Guelph presents cheque of $17,050 to purchase equipment for Special Care Nursery!

In December 2019, McDonald’s Canada Restaurants of Guelph offered customers to make a donation to The Foundation of Guelph General Hospital. As well as on December 22nd, anyone who purchased a Big Mac, McHappy Meal or McCafe hot beverage donated to the purchase of equipment for our Special Care Nursery. Overall, $17,050 was raised!

Two Sara Stedy Lifts purchased thanks to members of Waverley Lodge #361!

Members of Waverley Lodge #361 raised $5,000 to purchase two Sara Stedy Lifts for our surgical units. A Sara Stedy Lift enables a single caregiver to assist with sit-to-stand tasks for patients of different sizes and clinical assessments. In the photo from left to right: Jennifer Garrity (GGH staff), Alycia McLeod (GGH staff), Harry Bishop (Lodge member), Rob Gray (Lodge member), Matt Peltomaki (GGH staff).

Beyond Borders class of 2019 include GGH as an Illuminate gala benefactor!

The Beyond Borders 2019 class put on a charity gala called Illuminate in December 2019. This group was dedicated to being the light within the community and have a positive impact on peers, the environment, and the community. As a group, they gave back to 4 charities close to their hearts, including The Foundation of Guelph General Hospital. Performers included Wali Shah, Lauren Roy, Sarah Smith and many more.