Birthday Wall

Capture the memory of the birth of your child with “Footprints of the Future”.

The birth of a child is one of the most beautiful and memorable events in your life. Nothing can prepare you for the joy and fulfillment of seeing and holding your newborn for the first time.

Imagine capturing that memory in a tangible way, where your child entered the world.

Birthday Wall You can do this by purchasing a footprint shaped plaque engraved with your baby’s name and birthday, which will be placed on our special Birthday Wall located just outside the Rotary Club of Guelph Family Birthing Unit. The gift of a commemorative plaque can celebrate a birth, birthday, baptism, feast day, bar or bat mitzvah, annaprashana and so many other milestones in your child’s life. Not only do they serve as a unique gift idea, but they can also be purchased for generations past, present and future, allowing for family trees to be constructed and displayed.

Your impact:

Your donation will be used to purchase priority patient care equipment to help care for moms and babies at Guelph General Hospital – equipment that is only made possible with community support. Past gifts have helped fund important equipment such as specialized warmers that help us keep babies healthy, and a nitrous oxide system to provide another pain management option for birthing moms.

To purchase a footprint:

Please complete the online donation form below for each individual footprint. If you are purchasing multiple footprints, you may wish to download our Footprints of the Future brochure and Order Form and drop it off at our office or send it to us by mail.

*Minimum gift of $100 per footprint