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Give surgical patients a new lease on life!

At age 86, Margaret Durrer has a lot more life to live and this March, she will be off to see the dogsled races in the Yukon – one of a few items on her bucket list that she will be able to check off.

Margaret explained “that race is something I’ve always wanted to experience, and now I can thanks to the amazing staff at Guelph General Hospital.”

Margaret spent years suffering with knee pain. It inhibited her independence – something she valued. She did not want to be a burden on her family, but found herself frequently having to ask her son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter for help.

Then, earlier this year Margaret had her first knee replaced and six months later, she had the other knee replaced.

“My stay at Guelph General for my second knee replacement was just a few days. I went in on a Tuesday and was ready to return home again for the weekend pain free. Amazing, really, when you think about it” said Margaret.

Margaret credits Dr. Hoey, Dr. Cranmer, Dr. Purdon, and “all the folks” at Guelph General for the wonderful care they provided, but she also knows that the Hospital relies on supporters like you to ensure it has the equipment it needs to be able to carry out surgeries like the one she received.

Donor support makes a big difference to the care patients receive at Guelph General Hospital, and right now you have an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of patients like Margaret. Please consider making an online donation today.

The Hospital needs funds immediately to pay for equipment that will be used for trauma treatment, joint replacements and other surgeries.  This equipment restores the quality of life for so many people.

Guelph General Hospital typically performs close to 16,000 surgical procedures each year, including 252 knee replacements and 168 hip replacements. To perform those surgeries safely and successfully, it needs the best equipment.

Here is the equipment that the Hospital urgently needs:

Glidescope Handles: $21,779

A Glidescope is a miniature video camera that allows anesthesiologists to see inside a patient’s throat when the patient is being intubated for surgery.

THE NEED: The handles on our Glidescopes are outdated, they are no longer supported by the manufacturer, and they break down frequently.

YOUR HELP: Your gift will help us buy four new Glidescope handles.

Orthopaedic Drills: $30,567

Hip- and knee-replacement surgeries, as you can imagine, require a special drill called a system drill.

THE NEED: Our orthopaedic drills are aging and are no longer supported by the manufacturer for parts, service or repair.

YOUR HELP: Your gift will help us buy  ve new system drills.

Nerve Integrity Monitor: $45,000

This monitor helps us reduce the risk of nerve damage during surgical procedures.

THE NEED: We have only one nerve integrity monitor at the Hospital. It is 12 years old and outdated.

YOUR HELP: Your gift will help us buy a new nerve integrity monitor.

Please make a donation before December 31 to help meet the vital equipment needs at Guelph General Hospital. Please donate online today.